Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Mother Nature is full of surprises, suspense and mysteries. While nature amazes us with its scenic beauty and astounding creations, it also terrifies us with some weird creations. 

Be it a Blobfish, Panda Ant, or Coconut Crab, first glance at these creatures will certainly send chills down the spine. Similarly, the world of insects is no less surprising. Titan Beetle, Thorn Bug, Devil’s Flower Mantis, Scorpionfly and more such insects can frighten you at the first sight. 

The internet is full of such weird creatures and the animal as well as the insect kingdom of Africa and Australia is quite terrifying. 

Here we bring a video of a creature that will leave you shocked and trembling. If one encounters such a creature inside their house, certainly the person will scream out loud and run outside. 

As seen in the video, a creature is stuck to the interior walls of a house. The creature has tentacles glued to both walls. Even the creature’s dense body part is moving which confirms that it is alive.

Though the proper identity of the creature could not be established, some users shared their opinion that it’s an insect that got exposed to cordyceps fungus, a parasite that feeds on its host body. The parasite is living on the creature and is growing with time. 

The video shared on Twitter by ‘The Figen’ has been viewed over 646K times and other users have expressed their fear. Possibly this creature could give the wildest nightmare at first glance.