Rashmi Rekha Das

It is an Indian tradition to host baby showers for expecting mothers. Have you ever heard of a baby shower being hosted for a pet dog?

Of late, a video of a woman hosting a baby shower for her pet dog has gained tractions on social media. And social media users are absolutely in love with it.

Not just she threw a baby shower for her pet dog, she arranged for a scrumptious meal for the dogs in the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, the video footage has caught the fancy of pet lovers.

Shared by pet parent Sujatha Bharathi, the video has accumulated 5 million views. 

In the now-viral video, Sujatha can be seen putting a piece of new cloth and garland around her pet dog’s neck. Then she can be seen applying some vermillion on the animal’s forehead. 

Besides, she is seen serving platefuls of different delicacies that her dog loves to eat. 

On this occasion, Sujatha does not forget to feed her pet dog’s friends. At the end of the video, she can be treating a few stray dogs to some of the food prepared at home. Here goes the video:

Dog lovers loved the gesture of Sujatha. 

“Baby shower for my fur baby,” the video caption reads.

One user wrote: “Sweetest thing i hv ever seen. god bless you and your furbaby” 

Another commented: “Your thoughts and work are beyond imagination...as a paw parent I can understand your love for the cute ones. Keep going”

Third user wrote: “Proud of u every paw parents can understand this love. god bless her happy delivery to ur cutie.”