Odishatv Bureau

India is home to a number of beautiful beaches. Tourists in huge number throng the beaches, especially the beaches of Goa.

Goa has an influence of western culture and is also one of the top Bikini Beach Destinations in India. Wearing the bikinis (beachwear) does not amount to any restrictions in Goa. Although the bikinis are majorly used by the foreigners, things have slowly started changing.

Now even Indians feel free to wear bikinis. But, not every Indian women feels free yet.

Now, a video of a woman in saree has gone viral on social media. What makes the video interesting is that the women is in a beach, surrounded by bikini babes. The woman feels awkward as the beach is filled with foreigners wearing bikini.

Although it has become normal to wear bikinis in beaches, the woman in ghunghat finds it odd and her reaction says it all.



Now, the video shared by a Twitter user Rishika Gurjar has gone viral on social media. The user shared the video and wrote, “Arey Kaki, kahan pahanch gayi (Aunty, where have you gone).”

The video has left the netizens amused and has been viewed over 98k times already. Moreover, the number of views is increasing swiftly. Many praised the woman for following Indian tradition while others posted hilarious comments.