Manoj Kumar Jena

Indian weddings are always at the top of the charts in terms of celebrations, food, and customs. Indian weddings are filled with a lot of flavours, where food plays a major role. No matter how 'big & fat' the wedding is, if the food is not up to the mark, it will leave a long-lasting impression on the guests. 

Giving priority to the taste preferences of the guests, an Indian wedding has gained huge traction on social media for its unique food service. 

The video of a wedding where the guests are preparing their own rotis (chapatti) has gone viral on various social media platforms. 

The exact location from where the video has come is yet to be known. 

In the viral clip, two gentlemen can be seen at a wedding venue holding their food plates and preparing some chapattis with their other hand. This clip raised eyebrows and netizens questioned ‘what next can happen in Indian weddings?’The wedding presumably allowed the guests to make their own chapattis as per their own preferences.

This unique feature of this wedding was hard to digest for the netizens. 

The video was dropped on the micro-blogging site X (formerly Twitter) by the account @WokePandemic with the caption, "New thing in big parties? Make your own roti.” (SIC)

After the video surfaced on the internet, it attracted hilarious reactions from netizens. 

Another user commented, ‘Next what ‘Cut your own vegetables?’ similarly, another user wrote, ‘and clean the utensils before leaving the party.’ (SIC)

The 12-second viral clip has amassed 17K views. Watch the video attached below: