Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

A woman from Texas in United States was recently found in a video hurling racial slurs, threatening and assaulting Indian-American women. The clip has gone viral over various social media platforms.

The incident reportedly took place in a suburban Dallas parking lot. In the clip, the woman was seen abusing Indian-American women while challenging their presence in the United States. She also assaulted them physically and threatened to shoot them.

The woman was charging at the Indian-American women yelling racist marks against them and even assaulting one lady from the group. 

The woman said, “If life was so great in India, why the f*** are you all here?”

“All these f** Indians come to America because they want a better life. All you f** Indians are everywhere,” She can be heard saying at the top of her voice.

When a woman from the other group fired back at the lady she retaliated by saying, “I am a Mexican-American and I was born here, were you?”

The lady is also found packing a punch as she urged the other party to stop recording her.

Later, she was arrested on assault and terroristic threat charges.