Rashmi Rekha Das

For many women, turning 30 can be a scary event because it’s the moment when they realize they are growing older. But there does exist a few women who don’t care about their age, nor do they let that stop them from loving themselves or living a healthy life. 

Meet one such woman who at the age of 80 participated in a marathon in a saree and a pair of sneakers. Reportedly, the old woman clocked 4.2 km in 51 minutes. 

Meanwhile, video of the old lady identified as Bharti has gained tractions on social media.

As many as 55,000 people participated in the recently held 18th edition of the Tata Mumbai Marathon. But Bharti was the centre of attraction of the event for her enthusiasm. She left everyone inspired with her participation this year. 

The video was an instant hit after being shared by Bharti’s granddaughter Dimple Mehta Fernandes with caption: “So inspired by the sheer will and grit of my 80 year old Nani who ran the TATA Marathon this Sunday.”

In the viral video, Bharti can be seen comfortably walking and running in saree and sneakers along with the other participants. She can be seen holding the Indian Tricolour in her hands.

Also, the viral video has a snippet where she can be seen giving interview in which she mentioned that this was her fifth time participating in the marathon. Besides, she stated that she has been practicing for the marathon every day.

Praising Bharti’s enthusiasm, a user wrote: “So inspiring ans happy to see her run..Age is just a number!!”

“Inspiration for the younger generation,” another user commented. A third user wrote, “Wow, what an inspiring sweetheart she is!”