Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

We Indians, who love dancing at baarat parties (marriage processions), can't deny having an obsession with 'naagin' dance with a particular kind of music.

One of such hilarious naagin dance videos has once again gone viral on social media where two men can be seen performing naagin dance in a baarat which soon turned into a fight. 

However, their fight isn’t just another ordinary fight as they are seen as if stinging each other like snakes with their moves. 

In the video shared on Instagram, the two men are seen joyfully doing the naagin dance but one of them (wearing a blue T-shirt) gets too much into the character and 'stings' the man in the yellow shirt with his hands shaping it up like the hood of a snake. 

The man in yellow gets angry and 'stings' his counterpart following the attack. However, the situation turns violent and they started hitting each other.

Netizens found the video absolutely hilarious and it has received thousands of views, likes and comments.

Watch the video below: