Rashmi Rekha Das

There are men who don’t have patience to wait when their wives and girlfriends are getting ready. 

They must take a cue from this man, who proved to be the ultimate gentleman while helping his wife doing makeup not at home but at a stadium.

Of late, an unconventional video has surfaced in social media in which a husband can be seen helping his wife who was sitting next to him, do her makeup.

Shared by Twitter user Gulzar_sahab with caption "Husband of the year”, the video has gained traction on social media.

In the viral video, a man can be seen sitting next to his wife and holding the smartphone with the front camera while his wife applies makeup during a live game in a stadium. The man can be seen patiently holding the smartphone being used as a mirror as his wife applied liner to a portion of her face.

Some of the netizens loved the husband’s gesture and showered their love in the form of their comments while many others didn't like it. 

Many viewers took the note of how the man appeared to be rolling his eyes at the beginning of the video, but not everyone interpreted the scene that way. The video was all over the internet among romantics.