Mrunal Manmay Dash

There are a lot of strange events that happen on the internet that occasionally go viral. While some videos become viral because they reveal something that viewers have never seen before, others go viral because they show people performing remarkable feats that astound internet users. 

Having said that, a recent video that showed a guy giving a bath to a cobra, one of the most venomous snakes, is gone viral on social media. The video has shocked online users to their very core and swept the internet by storm. 

In the 22-second clip, a man is seen with a cobra in a restroom as he uses a mug from a bucket to pour water over the snake. There is a bottle, seemingly a beer bottle rolling on the bathroom floor too attracting some humorous replies too. 

The video was uploaded by a Twitter user @Gulzar_sahab and it has fetched at least 30,200 views till the time this piece was posted. The user captioned the video, “इतने ठंड में बेचारे सांप को पानी से नहला रहा है”

The man in this video has shocked internet users since he is not taking any precautions to defend himself in the event of a cobra bite. 

A user, Adian wrote, “pagal logo ki Kami nahi is duniya me.”. Similarly another user wrote, “पास मैं बोतल भी रखी है इसको पीकर ही तूफानी कर सकते है.”