Rashmi Rekha Das

Parents spend a lot of money even before the child is born. They make countless sacrifices and endless efforts to ensure growth of their kids without any expectation. They leave no stone unturned to fulfill their children’s wishes. Have children ever tried to fulfill long-pending wishes of parents and make them privileged?  

Of late, a young man expressed his gratitude and surprised his father with a sweet gift on his 59th birthday.

In a video posted on Instagram, a man gifted his father his favourite bike knowing how much he loved the bike. 

His father was taken aback by the surprise and the joy of possessing his dream bike was pretty evident on his face. 

Posted by a user called Ujwal Sidnag, the video was captioned, “Happy Birthday Dad. There are no words to express about you, you are my superman, supergod everything.” 

“We surprised our dad on his 59th birthday with the most unexpected gift he dreamed of having”, the text insert on the video reads.

He further wrote: “My dad always used to love my grandpa's bike which was returned to the department as my grandpa was Sub inspector. Until last year I had no idea how much he loved this bike when we randomly just visited the showroom to just check with the price but my dad was like ‘We can't afford this right now, it's too expensive’. But that day I really saw the love for it as he was curiously asking all the questions to the representative their! He loved it so much because it was the exact same bike which his dad used to ride the older version of this back in his days!!”

“So thought there could not be any much of a gift than this, which makes him happy. I'm thankful to God for giving me strength to fulfill his dreams, whatever I'm today it's because of your support.” 

He went on to add in the caption: “I still remember when I quit my job & came told you I wanna pursue my passion & start a business & you said ‘OK, do what makes you happy, i will always have your back !! What more could I ask than this, this is one of the best days of my life!!”
Since this video was shared, it has been liked more than three lakh times and became instant hit.

Netizens loved the son’s gesture and flooded comments.

One user wrote: “May god bless you with lot of success and your parents with a long life. I wish my father was alive so I could gift him things but fate had different plans. This video made me so happy.”

Another user wrote: “Ur parents are so blessed to have you.... god bless you.”
Third user said: “Bhai tumne wo achive kr Lia jo bhot saare log ab paisa hone ke bad bhi kuch log mujh jese log kr nahi sakte.”