Manoj Kumar Jena

There has always been a debate about the mother’s and father’s love. It is believed that most of the children share their problems with their mothers first and then go to their fathers. The internet is also filled with memes that project how a single call from a father is equivalent to ten phone calls from a mother. 

Even though fathers are believed to be the scariest for the kids, still their unconditional love towards them always remains unquestionable. 

Recently, a heartwarming video has gained momentum, which projected how a father shows his love to his kid. 

The video of a man covering his son with a shawl while riding on a bike during a winter night is going viral on various social media platforms. 

In the video, it can be seen that the son was sitting behind his father. The man can be seen covered in a shawl, and also covering his son with the same shawl while riding the bike. 

The man can also be seen making sure that his son is properly covered while riding the bike.

The video was shared on the X (formerly Twitter) handle of user Ghulam Abbas Shah with the caption, “A father's love will always be imprinted on the heart of a son.” (SIC) 

Till the filing of this report, the post has garnered 261.3K views. 

After the video made it to social media, the netizens couldn’t resist but leave positive remarks in the comment section. 

One user wrote, “Father are true angels,” and another user wrote, “Salute to his father.” (SIC)

WATCH the video below: