Rashmi Rekha Das

Indian mythology talks about unconditional love between Shravan Kumar he had with his parents. There are many instances where children can be seen disrespecting their parents and not taking proper care of them. However, this video of the little girl, will prove not every child is the same. Her kind gesture towards her blind parents has touched the cords of internet users.

A video of a school girl taking care of her visually impaired parents at a street food stall in Mumbai has become an instant hit on the internet and gained tractions like anything.

Shared by Instagram user Mith Indulkar, it has amassed more than 4 million views and nearly one million likes.

In the now-viral video, the little girl can be seen helping her parents and serving them snacks as her parents sit down to eat at the roadside eatery. In the end, the couple is also seen getting up and walking as their daughter leads the way. Here goes the video:

"I got so emotional when I saw them for the first time. Every day I was seeing them coming to this shop (Mauli Vade - Jhangid, Mira road) Parents are blind but they are watching the world through her daughters eyes. This small girl taught us so many things. 'No one cares you more than your parents, So care them before they leaves you," read the post.

“This small girl taught us so many things. No one cares you more than your parents, So care them before they leaves you”, the post added.

Praising the girl, one user wrote: “Amazing! is there a way we could get to know more about them? Would love to know if we as a community could be of service in any way to such a beautiful family.”

Another wrote: “Real Diamonds of India.”

Yet another wrote: “I'm gonna save this video and enjoy this video once in a while.”

“I hope making her viral doesn't harm her...this is India...making viral is another thing...first protect her”, commented an Instagram user.

A fifth user commented: “A part of me wanna share it but a part of me want to keep this secret soo she can live happily with her family bcz this world is full of jealousy and cruelty...”