Poonam Singh

Darwin's evolutionary theory "Survival of the Fittest" is the law of the nature and not just a theory. And this law, makes the predators hunt their prey which further maintains the food cycle. However, seeing the predators hunting their prey sometimes shock people.

Here are two such videos, which are going viral on the internet, that might prove Darwin's "Survival of the Fittest" theory. 

In one of the videos, a leopard is seen preying on a cow while in another a tiger is hunting a wild boar but there's a twist in it.

In the first viral clip, a cow can be seen in the deadly grip of a leopard on a roadside. The cow can be seen giving a tough fight to the leopard but the wild cat was trying hard to drag the cow from under a railing.

Later, the leopard displayed tremendous jaw strength and held on to the cow till it successfully dragged it through the railing.

While the second video shows how a crocodile attacks a tiger while it is hunting a wild boar. The spine-chilling clip shows the tiger locking its jaw into the wild boar's neck while a crocodile approaches it from the back. 

Just when the tiger was about to kill its prey, the croc attacks the tiger and bites one of its legs. But the tiger reacts quickly and manages to free itself from the crocodile's mouth.  

Both the videos have been shared by IFS officers on Twitter. While the leopard-cow video is shared by IFS Saket Badola, the tiger-wild boar-crocodile video was shared by IFS Surender Mehra.