• Monday, September 25, 2023
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Watch: Johnny 'Debt' in Captain Jack Sparrow costume found begging on streets! 

The video was loved by all the Caption Jack Sparrow’s fans all across the world.

Poonam Singh
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Jack SparrowPhotoPhoto:

Jack Sparrow

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Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the most iconic movie characters which has a huge fan following across the world. While many people have donned the iconic character in role plays and Halloween parties, recently a Twitterati shared a video in which a man can be seen begging by donning the avatar of Captain Jack Sparrow. 

In the video, a car is seen waiting at a traffic when the beggar dressed in Johnny Depp’s famous Jack Sparrow costume appears. He is seen mimicking Johnny Depp character's mannerisms aptly. He points his toy gun and mimics Depp's body language and walk as he approaches the vehicle.

After reaching the window of the car, the unknown man removes his hat to collect money from the driver, then, he leaves after giving a fake smile like Jack sparrow.

A Twitterati who goes by the id @javroar shared the video with the caption: “This was the most creative way of begging I’ve ever seen.” 

The video was loved by all the Captain Jack Sparrow’s fans all across the world.

A user said if they were ever in dire need of money, they would adopt the Captain Jack Sparrow method of begging.

Another user wrote, “I can see someone calling the cops on him for the gun and then him screaming at the cops “IM BLOODY JACK SPARROW MATE”. 

Another user did a wordplay on Johnny Depp 's name. he commented, "Johnny is in debt to pay all his money. Johnny ‘Debt’."

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