Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Animals are always a source of joy and amusement. Funny and crazy videos from the animal kingdom often go viral over various social media platforms.

One such fascinating and terrifying video has surfaced on Twitter. In the clip, a ferocious leopard is seen hunting a crocodile by jumping into a river.

The leopard was found hiding among the bushes of a jungle having a keen eye on its prey. Then suddenly, the wild animal jumps on the crocodile swimming in the river. Following a fierce fight, the leopard emerged the winner as it grabbed the crocodile by its neck.

The clip has been shared on Twitter by an account named Figen with the caption, “Omg how powerful”.

The video has left the netizens terrified and in awe.

“Jaguars have to be one of my favourite animals, they’re just so cool,” commented a user.

“I never thought alligators/crocodiles/caimans could be prey. And that tigers/lions (whatever that is) go fishing like that,” wrote another user.

Responding to the clip another netizen wrote, “apparently the leopard is smarter than you by not going for a bigger croc. power also means smart.”