Rashmi Rekha Das

Over the years, human beings and canines have grown a very special relationship that works well for both sides. Dogs’ loyalty knows no bounds. That’s why human beings love dogs unconditionally.

Be it their wedding day or any other day, they never neglect their pet dogs. Of late, a video has come to the fore on the internet in which a bride took a break from getting ready for her D-day to feed her pet dog. 

In the video, she was seen feeding a plate full of biryani to her pet dog. The video showing the adorable bond between the woman and her pet dog has gone viral and won hearts on the internet.

Starting from lehenga to make-up, every bride leaves no stone unturned to make it bigger. However, this bride is exceptional.  

The bride has earned kudos for not neglecting her pet dog even when she is getting ready for the wedding. And the pet dog was seen eating the biriyani happily.

Shared by a makeup artist, Simar K on Instagram, the video shows a bride named Divya feeding her pet dog Buzo biryani.

The text on the video reads, “When the bride sets her priorities" while the caption of the post reads, "Pets are always special. Pyara sa bond hota hai inke sath. My beautiful bride Divya took a break from getting ready as her Buzo was hungry and wanted to be fed with her hands.”


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The video has garnered more than 1 lakh views on Instagram.

A few days back, a video of a groom making grand entry with his pet dog on the wedding day gained traction on social media.