Poonam Singh

Whether you just like the taste of coffee, drink it out of habit, or truly rely on it for energy, it's no secret coffee has magical powers. It not only refreshes and revitalises us, but they also help us soothe and relax our sense. Studies have also confirmed that drinking coffee can potentially reduce emotional and physical stress.

And as we know, the wedding day can be full of stress for the bride with hundreds of things going through her mind. So, what better way can it be than sipping your favourite blend of coffee. This is what a bride did on her wedding day to calm herself.

The video of a bride having coffee while driving is now going viral on social media.

In the viral video, the bride can be seen fully dressed in traditional wedding attire. She seems to have taken a quick break to indulge in some me-time and relax. The bride can be seen driving a car and sipping her favourite 
Starbucks cold coffee effortlessly at the same time. She seems to be enjoying every sip of the delicious cold brew and her expression tells it all.

Badshah’s popular song ‘Baawla’ is also being heard in the background of the video.

The video of the bride drinking cold coffee was shared on Instagram by the handle @i_akshitaarora. It has already received over 8 million views and over 4 lakh likes on the photo-sharing app.

While one user commented, “Dulhan Ho Toh Aissee…” another said, “Didi. Drive krrlo fir pe lena nhi to gaadi thuk jaigi.” A third user wrote, “Modern dulhan.”