Devbrat Patnaik

An unusual video has surfaced on the internet and netizens just can’t stop laughing. Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan has so far shared so many interesting videos on Twitter, but this is certainly going to beat them all in the context of its hilarity. Would you believe if we say that a snake ‘ran away’ with a chappal (slippers)? Strange, but true!

In the video shared by IFS Kaswan, a snake is seen biting the chappal on the verandah of a house. People can be heard screaming as soon as they noticed the snake. The shrilling voices of the people made the snake to slither away, but the chappal was gone too.


“I wonder what this snake will do with that chappal. He got no legs,” Paswan captioned the video. It makes everyone wonder what exactly the snake will do with the chappal it took away. Soon after the video was shared, hilarious responses flooded the social media platform.

"Ye naagin chappal apne naag ke liye le ja rahi I think (Maybe the female snake is taking the slipper for her man!" said one tweep. 

"Loved the reflexes of the beautiful snake...Fast and furious..." said another.

The next ROFL reaction stated, "I think someone hit the snake with that chappal, so like nagini it came back and taken the chappal."

"I guess bcoz of the taste or smell of rubber slipper, I have seen if few times. Might be it feels it was his prey!" received an immediate response - "Wait!! Does it mean you have seen more chappal chor snakes?"

The video is viral now and has garnered over 1.30 lakh views so far. The location where this was witnessed is however not known. But one user on Twitter said the dialect is Bhojpuri, so this is likely from Bihar.