Poonam Singh

A shocking video is going viral on social where a little boy can be seen playing with lions. The video was shared on Instagram by a user called ‘gir_lions_lover,’ and it has gone viral with over 6k likes. 

In the video, a little boy wearing yellow T-shirt and blue shorts can be seen playing with a lion while a lion cub is coming toward it. 

The toddler is just calmly playing with the lion while standing dangerously near the wild cat. He then even put his hand in the mouth of the lion. He is also seen slapping the predator. The amount of comfort shown by the kid around the lions and the people recording this video make it seem like the lion is a well-trained pet.

As anyone would be, netizens were stunned to see how fearlessly the boy played with the lions. They appreciated the child. However, others expressed concerns about letting a wild predator near a kid. “How stupid and irresponsible is this!,” a user commented. “Arey is this really true ..how can this happen ..i am scared,” another user wrote. “Yaar mat karo please, kuch unhoni ho sakti hai,” a third user wrote.

Earlier also, one such video of a woman walking with a chained lion had gone viral on social media. The clip showed a woman standing dangerously close to a lion. The woman was seen patting the lion's head. 

Watch the clip here: