Poonam Singh

In an age dominated by viral trends and impromptu displays of creativity, it's not uncommon to witness individuals dancing in public spaces and fearlessly embracing the latest dance challenges with seemingly little concern for onlookers. 

A recent video perfectly encapsulates this cultural phenomenon, featuring a young girl dancing to a popular Bhojpuri song inside a crowded, moving train coach while fellow passengers observe. The internet is abuzz with diverse reactions to this spontaneous and unexpected performance.

In the viral video the girl, adorned in a purple short dress, confidently executes dance steps within the bustling confines of a train carriage. Clearly, a fellow passenger seized the moment, capturing this extraordinary scene, which swiftly transformed into an online sensation.

Initially shared on social media platform X on October 4, the video has rapidly garnered attention, accumulating over 556k views within days. The video has received a mixed response from the netizens. While some applauded her talent, others expressed their displeasure.

An individual posted, " I need this much amount of confidence in life." "Super," wrote a second. " Most entertaining are the expressions of the guy and the woman on the seat behind her," added a third. 

Some people were not happy to see her dance inside a local train. Just like this individual who wrote, “This is not the ideal place to dance, I am not against dancing, but one should behave sensibly while travelling.” Another added, “Kaise Kar lete hai log ye sab mujhse toh calls bhi nhi uthaye jate kisi ke samn.”