Rashmi Rekha Das

Playing piano underwater sounds difficult but achievable. And YouTube star Joe Jenkins has made it possible.

Joe has stunned everyone with his new jaw-dropping stunt. Popular for playing piano in unusual places, he dived deep into the sea with his piano and played the instrument under the water this time leaving the social media users speechless.

Going by BBC report, Joe had earlier performed outside Buckingham Palace, on a boat, and even on a hot air balloon.

Sharing the video of the incident on his official Instagram handle, Joe captioned it: “I Played "Under The Sea”... UNDER THE SEA.”

In the video, Joe can be seen wearing full-fledged diving gear along with a breathing apparatus, while he played 'Under the sea' from the cartoon The Little mermaid, on a yellow piano. Here goes the video:


A post shared by Joe Jenkins (@joejenkins)

Following his stunt, Joe was quoted saying to BBC: “I dunked it in the water and went down there and dived and played it. Now I've finally managed to just about pull it off.” 

He also believes that he is the first to play a working piano fully submerged underwater. 

It is pertinent to note that it took two years to Joe to execute this stunt. 

The biggest challenges he said he faced were making sure he complied with health and safety regulations, being able to dive safely, and making sure the piano worked underwater. 

Social media users loved his efforts and showered their love in the comment box.

One user wrote: “This is incredible!!! brilliant work.”

Another user posted: “Dude, the amount of people that I seen say so many negative things about what you're doing blows my mind, this is legit science and thank you for being so creative!”

The third user wrote: “Literally amazing! I know what I'll be doing next time I go to the sea.”

The fourth user’s comment read: “When I first saw your River Flows In You video, I was hoping one day you would put it underwater…well done.”