Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The Delhi Metro, a vital public transportation system in the bustling capital, has once again caught the public's attention because of a viral video circulating on the internet.

A video went viral showing an incident in a Delhi Metro train where a woman verbally harassed a couple, making the situation uncomfortable.

The couple was just chatting when this woman started yelling at them. This highlights the need for better manners on public transportation.

The woman's complaint arose when the boyfriend referred to the girlfriend as 'Pagal,' leading the woman to loudly insist that the girlfriend should complain about him.

The woman even grabbed the girlfriend's shirt. In response, the boyfriend asked, "Kisko bol pagala?"

Meanwhile, the couple continued to sit together and share a kiss. The woman eventually revealed that she was pregnant and needed a seat, ending the video.

This incident gained public attention after an Instagram video surfaced, revealing a woman aggressively berating a couple.

Despite the couple's silence, the woman continued hurling insults and accusations, creating discomfort for all the passengers who witnessed this verbal confrontation.

The video garnered reactions from netizens, with one user appreciating the girlfriend's supportive nature.

Another user humorously quipped, "Aunty is clearly jealous because back in her time, she was confined to the kitchen all her youth."

Meanwhile, another user playfully suggested, "Arre, kuch nahi hua yaar, bas pregnant women ko mood swings ho gaye honge," offering a lighthearted perspective on the situation.