Cassian Baliarsingh

Ticketless passengers taking over reserved coaches in trains isn’t something new. Every now and then, hundreds of pictures and videos of ticketless passengers wreaking havoc in reserved coaches are increasingly being shared on social media.

However, the issue has now reached PM Modi’s ambitious Vande Bharat Express trains, known for premium service. A video has now gone viral that shows Vande Bharat Express overcrowded with ticketless passengers.

The chaotic scene was captured inside the coach of Vande Bharat Express running between Lucknow and Dehradun. The video was shared by an X user identified as Archit Nagar, which shows crowded passengers standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the aisles.

There are so many passengers that one cannot even move in the very little space. Sharing the video on X, Archit Nagar wrote, “Vande Bharat Express got jacked by non-ticket passengers,” and tagged to Lucknow Railway and Indian Railways.

Railway Seva was quick to respond and replied, “We’re listening and will do our best to help. The concerned officials are being notified.”

Social media users, on the other hand, expressed outrage over the unruly behaviour of the passengers and advocated for basic civic sense among Indians.

“Pull the chain in that case, don’t let train move, let RPF come and solve it first,” commented a user. Another user shared, “They must be having ticket.”

“@mumbairailusers @RailMinIndia @RailwaySeva what's happening. I too had similar experience in last week with @KonkanRailway,” shared another user.

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