Poonam Singh

There are few things which people often find more heartwarming than an unusual animal friendship, and the recent bond between a baby rhino and a goat has stolen the heart of millions.

The viral video shows a baby rhino imitating his goat friend in the cutest way.

The adorable clip opens showing a baby rhino and a goat in a forest area. The goat, almost hidden behind the rhino’s giant body, can be seen hopping in front of a baby rhino. After seeing the goat hop, the little rhino also starts imitating it. The video continues with the friends having a gala time in the wild.

The two friends from different species seem to have built a beautiful friendship which teaches humans an important life lesson that friends are a treasure and we should always treasure them.

The 14-second video was posted on a Twitter handle called 'Fascinating'. Since being posted, the video has gathered over 2.3 million views and accumulated tons of heartfelt comments.  

Here are some of the adorable comments:

Recently, another cute animal video went viral on the Internet in which the king of the jungle, a lion can be seen strolling with its cute little cubs in a forest

The video clip was posted on Twitter by a user named Tansu Yegen, with the caption, “Dad's day out with kids.”