Rashmi Rekha Das

At a time when Russia is planning a prolonged campaign of attacks with Iranian-made drones to exhaust Ukraine, a video of a Ukrainian soldier singing a lullaby for his baby boy has indeed melted the hearts of internet users.

Posted on Twitter by Anton Gerashchenko, the advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the video shows a soldier named Oleg Berestovyi singing a lullaby and playing the guitar as his toddler son sleeps peacefully on it. 

As the video contains the translated lyrics of the song, it created a deep impact on social media users.

The video has been garnered over 23k views. 

Soon after the video was posted, internet users were mesmerized by soldier’s lullaby.

An internet user wrote: “I have watched this video several times without knowing the words and I really appreciate seeing them. Think how this little one will grow. Love mixed in with music and a tender voice will build a fine foundation in a currently troubled world," wrote a Twitter user. "That baby will grow up in a free country. Precious.”

Another commented: “An absolutely emotional moment, but that also shows the strong motivation of the Ukrainians!!!”

Yet another user wrote: “A wonderful gift from a father to a child.”