Rashmi Rekha Das

Indian food tastes delicious for its spices and exquisite flavors. This is the reason authentic Indian restaurants have a great demand anywhere in the world and people residing in foreign countries love binging on Indian food. Yes, Indian food has a huge fan following across the globe for its unmatched taste and flavor. And this video is a proof of it.

Of late, the video of a UK man making rava idli and sambar has caught the attention of food lovers on Instagram. So far, the video has accumulated 2.5 million views.

In the viral video, UK man Jake Dryan can be seen cooking rava idli and sambar. 

He is in love with Indian cuisines and his Instagram feed is a proof of it. 

Jake dedicates each week to a particular state in India and cooks an array of dishes from there. So far, he has tried his hand at preparing food dishes of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Punjab. This time, he prepared the Idli Sambar as a part of the Tamil Nadu week.

Recently, he prepared rava idli and sambar and shared in his Instragram handle. And the social media users loved his cooking style and rated his preparation a 10/10.

In the video, Jake can be seen preparing the Sambar by boiling the lentils leaving the other ingredients for tempering. Then he can be seen making the batter for the Idli. 

“Idli & sambar I think i’ve got the sambar down now, let me know I made normal idli the other week so i wanted to try another variety. Rava (semolina) idli is easier to make and tastes VERY similar even though originally from Karnataka,” reads the video caption.


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Instagram users just loved his cooking style and showered their love in the form of comments.

One user wrote: “This Rava Idli is Karnataka dish. I just loved the way you prepared Sambar powder. Sambar looks perfect”

A second food lover commented: “When white guys make better Indian food than you.”

“Ohhh this is Rava idli, should have been included in Karnataka week!! Anyways, awesome as always”, read the caption of yet another food lover.

A fourth user wrote: “I'm a tamilian instead of learning these from my mother ..I'm watching this for my cooking.”