Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Children are considered as a form of God on earth. Their innocence, purity, and smile can win anyone’s heart. Their tantrums and cute ways of communicating or drawing attention with their gestures are enough to melt everyone. People having experience with toddlers can easily relate to it. 

Have you ever seen a toddler getting happy like never before? Well, when a toddler gets happy, he/she exhibits curiosity, plays, and smiles. 

Here we bring a video in which a toddler is seen expressing happiness after seeing several alcohol bottles stocked in a fridge. The expressions of the toddler will fill your heart with warmth and love. At the same time, the gestures will tickle your funny bones.

As seen in the video, the toddler sees several alcohol bottles in the fridge. The infant expresses his excitement and curiosity with his cute gestures and laughs. The toddler also tries to reach out to the bottles and again pulls back. But, the excitement and laughing continued. 

As it seems from the expressions and gestures, the toddler wants to speak something. 

Note: Alcohol consumption is injurious to health and we don’t indent to promote the consumption or sale of alcohol. This viral video is just for entertainment purposes.