Manoj Kumar Jena

It is always said that you need to work hard for a bright future or else you will end up begging on the streets. This terror of ‘begging’ forces people to study. Even countries are working tirelessly and have launched schemes to ensure zero beggars.

However, a woman from Pakistan has gained the undivided attention of netizens by opening up about her profession. 

Have you ever heard of a beggar owning lavish flats, cars and properties in foreign countries? Yes, it might sound absurd, but Laiba, a woman from Pakistan has claimed that she became rich and now owns a fortune abroad, by begging.

In an interview, which has surfaced on the internet, Laiba spilled her beans on how she gained the fortune. “I often come to Pakistan whenever I find time. I usually live in Malaysia and own two flats, cars and have a business,” said Laiba.

When the interviewer asked Laiba how she became so rich, Laiba without any hesitation, answered ‘Bheek mang ke’ (by begging). 

She continued: "I always wanted to be rich and then I started begging. I stood near traffic squares and started begging. I even narrated fake stores which helped me get more money from people easily. Right now, I am living a lavish life in Malaysia."

The video was shared on the official X handle of user Atheist_Krishna with the caption ‘Entrepreneur of Pakistan.’ 

The comments section is filled with hilarious remarks as one user wrote, ‘Perfect job profile for finance ministry of Pakistan,’ while another user wrote, ‘Is this for real???’

Watch the video below: