Mrunal Manmay Dash

Royal Enfield enjoys a cult status in India. Thanks to its more than hundred-year-old two-wheeling heritage, this is a brand that has managed to position itself for youths, men, women and even the senior citizens.

Speaking about senior citizens, a recent video has grabbed the fancy of the netizens. It features someone from that age category too.

The video was shared by a Royal Enfield fan page, ‘royalenfieldholic’ on Instagram. The simple video is currently going viral on the internet.

In the short clip, an old man wearing a dhoti can be seen pushing a 1992 model Diesel Taurus Bullet on the road. Then, he sits on the motorcycle and attempts to kickstart it. After a couple of tries, he is successful and you can hear the iconic diesel engine sound of the motorcycle. A young passenger joins him and they ride away. 

Older generations of Royal Enfield motorcycles lacked the electric start option. The Diesel Bullet from 1992 is no different and they had to be kick started. And they were notorious for having ugly kickbacks. This is also depicted in the video where the kickstarter comes back with force when the elderly man pushes it with his leg. He tries again after checking the choke and the engine finally comes alive. 

The vintage bike is obviously not in perfect condition. The original sticker design has been stripped to its bare bones. The bike appears to have recently received a black paint job.

The Diesel Taurus was also the most fuel efficient motorcycle from Royal Enfield. Unlike other motorcycles and scooters, diesel Taurus wasn't a fuel guzzler. It had a claimed fuel economy of 86 kmpl which was more than any other motorcycle available on sale at that time.

The motorcycle was powered by a 325-cc Greaves-Lombardini single cylinder diesel engine. It generated 6.5 Bhp of power and 15 Nm of peak torque. The high fuel efficiency and low running cost of the motorcycle made it popular among buyers from rural areas. Like other Royal Enfield motorcycles, Taurus was also a heavy motorcycle with a kerb weight of 196 kilogram. The motorcycle was meant for fuel efficiency which means the top speed of the motorcycle was 65 kmph.

The iconic Taurus was discontinued in 2000.