Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Every athlete dreams to take part in the Olympic Games. Athletes, who eye to get qualified for the Olympics give their best efforts and sweat out hard on the field. Even before entering the qualification process, they undergo several years of training and do separate exercises to prepare themselves. 

The success of an athlete depends on the amount of determination and the right guidance from the coach. A coach guides the athlete on every step to achieve the ultimate goal. 

However, here we bring a video that shows an athlete ‘preparing for the Olympics’ in the funniest way without the guidance of any coach. 

As seen in the video, an athlete is in his gear. He takes his position on an e-tram track. As soon as the tram approaches, he starts running as fast as he can. However, he is left behind by the speeding e-tram.

Next, he is seen doing a long jump on a heap of sand at a construction site while a labourer is working nearby. The action of the athlete after achieving ‘victory’ surprises the labourer. The athlete runs off the scene. 

In the next clip, the athlete is seen picking up a spherical fruit from an open stall and poses for shot put. After he throws the fruit on air, the shopkeeper bounces him with a tray. Of course, the athlete was hurt after he was hit. 

Next is long jump and he again does it near a construction site. He jumps over a horizontal bar and lands safely on the heap of sand on the other side. He again goes into victory celebrations. 

Later, the athlete is seen running on a road while several cars are also plying. 

Next, it is hurdles, in which the athlete flaunts his skills. However, surprisingly, he opts to jump over barricades placed alongside an under-construction road. 

The next clip shows the athlete undertaking a discus throw in the middle of the road. Next is pole vault and the athlete will certainly tickle your funny bones as he lands on a bush that could have injured him. 

Next, the athlete runs near the bank of a river where two persons are busy fishing. However, the athlete runs near one person and lifts another spare fishing rod from the ground, and throws it into the water. Certainly, the athlete assumed the fishing rod to be a javelin stick. While the surprised man tries to stop him, he just throws it and flees.

While his performance and athletic skills impressed everyone, it equivalently amazed all. The video shared on Twitter by The Figen has been viewed over 229K times and the comment box is also flooded with hilarious notes.