Mrunal Manmay Dash

With so many reports of vehicle theft, it is hardly news anymore in India. Moreover, when it is a two-wheeler, in most cases, even the police in our country do not bother to register FIRs. While in some cases, people get back their vehicles after a vehicle-lifting gang is busted, a lot of other people bid goodbye to their vehicles for good.

However, there are some lucky ones too, who get to catch the thief by themselves.

Such an instance was reported from Kerala, where the owner was able to retrieve his stolen motorcycle after the thief rode it to a petrol pump to refuel. The entire episode was captured on CCTV installed at the filling station.

The video of the incident was shared by the YouTube channel Kannada Info Light which was reportedly taken from a Malayalam news channel.

According to a Cartoq report, the motorcycle of Praveen, a Panchayat member of Kadalundi village in Kozhikode district, was stolen in Kozhikode city last Saturday. The next day, Praveen went to a nearby police station to report the theft, but the officers asked him to provide the original documents of the stolen motorcycle. Praveen and his friends then drove to his house in Kadalundi to retrieve the original documents.

The video shows a car, supposedly of Praveen’s friend moving towards a fuel pump to refuel. As they were entering the station, a motorcycle overtook them from the left-hand side and cut in front of their car in line. Praveen noticed that the bike was actually his stolen motorcycle, which had a rider & pillion with helmets. He immediately alerted his friends, and they sprang into action to catch the thief.

However, sensing danger, the rider (thief) fled from the scene leaving the pillion rider with Praveen and his friends.

The entire event was recorded on CCTV cameras installed at the petrol pump. The thief fled without removing his helmet, making it difficult to identify him in the video footage.