Cassian Baliarsingh

Of late, rising instances of people suffering sudden cardiac arrests has become a major cause of concern for everyone. Recently, a youth collapsed and died within minutes while walking home with his friends in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut. The bone-chilling moment was caught on a CCTV installed nearby.

There are numerous such incidents corroborating a sudden rise in heart attack cases across India. Twitter is flooded with #HeartAttack tweets and it has left netizens in a state of panic.

Moving on to the next incident, a man died reportedly of a cardiac arrest while praying at a temple in Madhya Pradesh's Katni. The CCTV footage shows the man, a Sai devotee, doing a 'parikrama' of an idol in the temple. He sits to pray but fails to get up. Other devotees rushed him to a hospital but he was declared brought dead.

In the third incident, a 23-year-old man working as a teacher at a school in Uttar Pradesh's Bareilly died of a heart attack while offering prayers at a prayer meet.

In the fourth incident, a man collapsed and died during a marriage function. Similarly, a bride in UP collapsed and died of heart attack while exchanging garlands.

Watch below a compilation of heart attack videos:




The horror doesn’t end there. In another incident, a 23-year-old girl fainted and died suddenly due to suspected heart attack at a wedding reception.

Earlier, a video of a bus driver getting fatal heart attack went viral. Due to the attack, the driver lost control over the wheels and subsequently the bus mowed down some people. Similarly, a netizen has shared a compilation of videos of people getting cardiac arrests while training at gym and advised people to avoid excessive protein supplements and heavy lifting.

While no exact reason is known as yet, the sudden rise in deaths related to heart attacks has triggered panic.

A concerned Twitter user, a doctor by profession, shared, “With #heartattack trending, keep Tab Aspirin 300mg in your pockets/wallets always and pop it asap if you develop sudden severe chest pain/radiating to neck-left arm. Don’t neglect a chest pain as gastritis. Evaluate evaluate. Your heart, your life. Don’t let the valentine fail you.”