Rashmi Rekha Das

Friendship is one of the purest and most special bonds in a person’s life. However, this special bond is not just restricted to humans. At times, stories about the relationship between man and animal make hearts melt.

At a time when man-animal conflicts often make headlines, a video of an unlikely friendship between a girl and a bird has gained traction on social media.

An adorable video capturing a beautiful bond between a bird and a girl has gone viral.

The video was shared by a user named Gable Swanlund on her Instagram handle. Swanlund, who has over 29,000 followers captioned the clip as “Well this felt supernatural. A sweet little bird crashed into our window and after this beautiful interaction, she flew away fit as a fiddle. A golden hour miracle.”

As the caption suggests, a little bird crashed into the girl’s window and was immediately rescued by her. In the clip, the girl can be seen holding the bird in her fingers and caressing her gently. The girl later sings a beautiful song for her. Instead of flying, the bird patiently listens to the girl.

In the viral video, the girl can be seen holding the bird close to her and is amazed by its delightful response. Also, the bird can be seen enjoying the soothing song sung by the girl. 

The video has made social media users are in love with this sweet interaction and the blessed the girl for displaying such kindness towards the bird. 

Another user wrote, “Oh sweet angel girl. And sweet angel birdie!! And bless that beautiful voice of yours!!''. 

Another commented, “ The bird felt your wonderful energy amazing.'' A third said, '' Right out of a Disney fairytale..beautiful.'' A fourth said, '' Wow!! What an incredibly beautiful moment in time. And my absolute favorite song!”