Cassian Baliarsingh

Even after a decade of its release, Pakistani singer-actor Ali Zafar’s ‘Jhoom’ is one of the internet’s favourite songs. Till today, people are making reels using the popular song with several videos going viral.

Now it seems the song’s popularity is far from done. Meanwhile, a video of a student writing the lyrics of the song in his Physics exams has gone viral. Instead of writing the answers, the student has perfectly written the lyrics of the song with beautiful handwriting that has left the internet in splits.

Usually, when we don’t know the answer to a question, we tend to leave it blank or make up answers just to fill the pages. However, this student has taken things a step farther. To fill up the pages, he has written the lyrics of the song.

The video was shared by Zafar himself who took to Twitter and wrote, “I request all the students not to look for physics in my songs, even though physics is everywhere, including the lyrics of my song. But then respect the teaching and teachers while studying (with a smiley emoji).”

The viral video has garnered over 185.5K views with hilarious comments from fans and social media users.

“Hahhahaha my goodness, Ali Zafar bhai encourage youth and your followers to study at least. Sab music, cricket or drama ke peeche pagal hai. Aise kaise chalega,” commented a user.

Another fan wrote, “Newton hum sharminda hai.”

“At least writing ke liye toh mark milna chahiye,” hilariously commented another user.