Manoj Kumar Jena

The social media star siblings Jannat Zubair and Ayaan Zubair are known for sharing their bond onscreen. They never fail to showcase their love towards each other and set the perfect sibling goals for others. 

Being the youngest, Ayaan always showers his profound love towards his elder sister Jannat. 

Like every brother in the world, Ayaan is very much protective when it comes to his sister’s safety as he watches over Jannat during shooting, outing and many other events. 

Recently, a workout video was shared by the siblings, which showed how Ayaan is also a strict mentor when it comes to gyming. 

The video of Ayaan pushing Jannat, who got exhausted from doing leg-press to do more sets, has gone viral on various social media platforms. 

In the viral clip, the duo can be seen in a gym and working out together, where Jannat, can be seen exhausted and skipping the leg-press exercise. 

Being a motivating brother, Ayaan pushes Jannat to complete the sets by carrying her with one hand and leaving her on the leg press machine. 

The duo shared the video on their official Instagram handle with the caption ‘Locha-e-ulfat’ and it has garnered a whopping 21.5 million views. One user took to the comment section and wrote, “This is a usual view of leg day,’ and another user wrote, ‘Jannat has the perfect trainer for her.’

Watch the video attached below: