Cassian Baliarsingh

A social media influencer’s guide on how to trick a man into paying bills has sparked a fiery debate online. The Instagram influencer identified as Priyanka Tyagi has shared a video on how to fool a rich boy in a club and entice him into footing the bill.

Sharing the video, Priyanka wrote, “Club me Ameer Launda Kaise Fasaye 😂😂”

In the video, Priyanka says, “First go to a luxurious club, and find a rich boy. Give him signals and when he starts to approach you, keep him engaged and eventually entice him to pay the bills.”

Since being shared online, the video has garnered massive response on Instagram with social media users brutally slamming her for the misleading content. Many claimed that girls used such cheap tricks to fool men only to pay their bills.

“Now Reverse the genders and Imagine the Outrage 🙃” a user commented while another user wrote, “Gold digger girl.”

A third user wrote, “Clubs are giving free entry to girls so that they can come and trick men into paying their bills and they talk about feminism.”

“This is the story of every chapri girls in India nowadays. Women think this is freedom, life enjoyment. For women, cheating their boyfriends, going to clubs, tricking men is enjoying life,” commented another user.

A girl wrote angrily wrote, “Dude!! No yaar! We are trying so hard to create value, respect and equality for ourselves. It's so hard already with people and their misunderstanding about feminism. This is just not funny or fair. Just sad!”