Poonam Singh

Nature has so many hidden secrets with many yet to be discovered. Although there are many types of animals in this world, some have the unique ability to change their colour shape and size as per their need.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to differentiate some species which have the camouflage quality.

Such a species has now taken the internet by storm. A video of a snake is now going viral on social media which looks exactly like a banana. Yes, you heard that right. At first sight, you will not be able to differentiate between the snake and a banana.

In the viral video, a banana and the snake looking like it can be seen placed on a table. At first sight, you will also consider a deception of the eyes.

On seeing the two together, hardly anyone can find the difference in them.

Reportedly, this unique snake species is called Banana Ball Python, due to its appearance like a banana.

The video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram, leaving the netizens surprised.

The video has over 37.8K views and over I.2K likes and hundreds of comments. 

Here are some of the users reactions who were shocked and stunned by the snake’s appearance:

“God is always great,” wrote one user while another wrote, “That's the beauty of the creator's creations.” 

However, some of the users were skeptical of the snake's appearance and labelled it as a “fake and plastic snake.”