Anirbaan Hritiq

Bears and their love for honey are no less than a universal fact. All wildlife enthusiasts, especially kids, who are fond of watching cartoon shows Winnie the Pooh are quite aware of the extent these curious furry animals can go to quench their greed for this sweet elixir.

Raiding bee hives are not limited to a particular breed of bears as nearly all breed of bears hunt for this naturally created source of anti-oxidants and protein-rich sweet substance. Bears are primarily vegetarian in nature and enjoy this unique hunting practice to fulfil their regular nutrition intake.

In a viral video shared by Senior IFS officer Susanta Nanda on the micro-blogging platform Twitter, netizens are awestruck by a sloth bear’s craze for honey.

In the video, a sloth bear is seen scaling the staircase of a tall water tank tower for its all-time favourite food, honey. 
What makes the video more interesting is that despite being stung by a swarm of aggressive bees, the obsessive bear still continues its mission of deriving the sweet natural dessert, extracted from thousands of flowers.

Posting this viral video on his handle the senior IFS officer wrote, “Sloth bears scaling steps for bee hives shows the tenacity and determination of the animal for their favourite food.”

The video has so far garnered more than 20.6K views on the popular micro-blogging platform.