Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Generally, most boys try hard to impress random girls. Such tries are more frequent in western countries. However, some boys go some steps ahead to show off their skills and end up injuring themselves. Sometimes, it gets dangerous and sometimes it turns out to be funny.

Here we bring a video in which some boys exhibit their skills to impress some random girls. But, they end up injuring themselves leaving the girls amused.

As seen in the video, three boys are walking on a road casually. However, one of the boys does some weird actions and looks behind. Suddenly, he moves near a trash bin installed on the roadside and starts kicking it hard.

In his second kick, the trash bin rotates and the leg of the boy gets stuck on it. During his attempt to kick the litter box, his legs slipped and it hit hard in between his legs. 

Meanwhile, three girls approached from behind on the same road and they were seen laughing. 

The girls stopped near the boy who got injured. Meanwhile, friends of the boy also came near him. Suddenly, another boy pulled up his sleeves and kicked the litter bin. In his second attempt, the trash bin turned again and hit his legs. The bin hit hard on the legs leaving the boy limping. The girls again burst out into laughter after witnessing the failed attempt of the boys to impress them.

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