Cassian Baliarsingh

A scene that is too familiar in Indian markets, surprisingly played out in London when two groups of desis started punching and kicking each other over mangoes. The bizarre incident of international shame has left social media users disgusted.

According to the viral video, two groups of desis started a brawl in the middle of a market in London over a bunch of mangoes. The video starts with people shopping on a bustling street in London. For some reason, two groups begin a fight that soon leads to punches and kicks.

Although on-lookers tried to stop the fight, it failed to yield any result. Sharing the video on Twitter, a user wrote, “A live demo: How to buy in London.”

Since being shared online, the video has garnered over 67.3K views with thousands of likes and comments. Desi twitterati have been left speechless after seeing the actions of the people on a foreign land.

Social media users took to the comment section to show their disgust while others found humour in the case and are busy laughing at the whole ordeal.

“With money you can buy a degree, but can’t buy intelligence and wisdom,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “I enjoyed this fight bro… I’m sorry.”

“This is normal animal behaviour. When you don’t have the ability to reason and communicate verbally,” wrote another user.

“I love it. Very interesting and entertaining match,” commented another user.