Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The long wait is finally over as Shah Rukh Khan's action-packed movie, "Jawan," has hit theatres today. Fans of the Bollywood Badshah are eagerly looking forward to seeing their favourite star on the big screen.

Today, the action movie "Jawan" has been released in theatres. Shah Rukh Khan's fans were so excited that they started celebrating "Jawan Day" outside the theatres as early as 6 am.

They were seen dancing and setting off fireworks. A large crowd gathered outside the theatres to catch the first screening of the film, which also features Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Deepika Padukone, and Sunil Grover.

Not only were fans celebrating outside the theatres, but they were also dancing with enthusiasm inside.

Videos of their celebrations have gone viral on social media.

One user on X platform posted a video with the caption, "Haters may claim it's because of corporate bookings, but in their wildest dreams, their favorite star won't be able to attract such a large crowd for a 6 am show like #Jawan."

Another user shared a video with the caption, "The hype for 'Jawan' is insane!"

Movie lovers from all over India, including fans in Bangalore, were seen celebrating early in the morning. One fan shared a video and wrote, "The celebrations for #Jawan in Bangalore are on another level."

Inside the theatres, fans went wild as the song "Zinda Banda" played. A fan page posted, "The crowd has gone absolutely crazy as 'Zinda Banda' plays! The 'Jawan' tsunami is here!"