Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

More than two persons riding on a two-wheeler is considered a violation of traffic rules. Even the recent guideline has made it mandatory to wear helmets for both the rider as well as the person sitting on the pillion seat. But, every day we come across offenders who rampantly violate the traffic rules. 

While cops are employed to maintain the traffic rules strictly and take the violators to task, offenders give a damn to the rules. 

Here we bring a video in which three persons failed to trick a team of cops and got caught. In general, cops immediately issue a challan imposing a penalty on the rider violating the traffic rules as applicable. However, the senior cop in the team acted strangely which will win anyone’s heart. 

As seen in the video, a cop marches toward a bike rider. He wittily said, “You were three persons, how you became two, it’s magical.”

Both the riders were wearing helmets and when stopped by the cop, he started giving an explanation. 

“You were three, but you became two,” said the cop. Later, pointing to the third person, the cop said, "He didn’t have one (helmet).”

He called the third person who was standing away and said, “Don’t worry, come closer, we are trying to make you understand.”

“Why did you step down? Don’t worry no one will hit you; police don’t beat anyone,” the cop said.

Further, he explained to the trio about the traffic rules and asked them not to repeat such a mistake.