Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Online scams are quite prevalent these days. Scammers allure their targets through various deceptive tactics. Among various methods, WhatsApp scams are increasing, with numerous scammers attempting to swindle their targets by making enticing offers. They extract personal information and financial details. Recently, a WhatsApp conversation between a scammer and his target has surfaced on X (formerly Twitter). Interestingly, the swindling attempt shifted to a sweet conversation, leaving netizens in splits.

An X user, going by his ID name, Chetty Arun, shared a thread (series of posts) on X in which he claimed speaking to a scammer. He started his post with: "It all started with a few annoying Whatsapp messages trying to scam me. But we ended up wishing each other good luck."

The first post of the series accompanied a screenshot of his WhatsApp conversation with the scammer. As seen in the screenshot, the scammer at first shares an APK file to which Arun replies, "Ye kya hai bhai. I am on an iPhone. APK android ka hota hai. Go scam on Android person."

Further, Arun shares that he got 4-5 messages from different numbers on the same day (Friday), all sending him an APK file on WhatsApp. As he shares, at first he got annoyed and blocked all those numbers.

Next, he writes, "But this one particular one, I decided to call and bash him. But then, the weirdo in me wanted to have a chat."

Arun started engaging in a conversation with the scammer. 

Arun's next post reads, "I was curious to see what the APK does when installed. He said if I click on it, it'll basically forward all my messages to his number."

During his conversation, he tries to extract more information from the scammer. Surprisingly, the scammer asks not to install such APK files.

When Arun asks from where did he get his number, the scammer replies, "Hum chahte h yebsab band ho jaye. Par yaha ka pura system hi kharab hai."

When Arun refers to him as a good human, the scammer replies that after doing all such things he doesn't deserve to be called that. The scammer further mentioned that he had been engaged in scamming for 10-12 years.

Further, he shared some tips with Arun about such messages. He also told him what to do if someone accidentally clicks and installs an APK file.

During the conversation, the scammer started getting comfortable with his target. He slowly opened up and revealed what they do.

The scammer asks Arun for his Facebook ID so that he can befriend him and stay in touch. However, when Arun says he is on Twitter (X) and he will share the chats on the platform so that other people will get responsible, the scammer requests him not to post and delete his previous chats.

The conversation finally ended up with the scammer and the user wishing each other.

Arun mentioned that though the scammer was doing something bad, he still wanted him to spread the message and warn others. 

Well, the sweet conversation between the scammer and Arun was certainly engaging and several other users stated it to be entertaining and informative. 

One user commented, "I swear this was more entertaining than any comedy show" (sic)

Another user wrote, "This was too good but also should be shared for public awareness." (sic)

"More exciting story than any movie or web series," wrote a third user. (sic)