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Christmas is a joyous occasion to celebrate the birth and life of Jesus symbolising love, forgiveness, truth, compassion, brotherhood and sacrifice. Christmas is to bring boundless joy, love, peace and prosperity to all and make this world more prosperous, healthy, peaceful and compassionate.

In this era of science and technology, while human values are becoming extinct, the teachings of Jesus Christ is spreading the values of peace, compassion, tolerance and love to the world, and contributing to universal human brotherhood.


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Meanwhile, this real-life Santa has proved that humanity is still very much alive by celebrating Christmas with street dogs. While the entire world celebrated Christmas with their loved ones and family, this man instead chose to celebrate the occasion with street dogs that are often left abandoned to fend for themselves.

The video will certainly make you emotional as well as bring a broad smile to your face.

The video has been shared by an Instagram user identified as Niall Harbison. In the video, we can see Niall cooking meals for stray dogs and distributing cute toys to the animals. Going by the caption, we know that the video is from Thailand.

Sharing the video, Niall wrote, “Street dogs around the world have a hard life. But this group of 100 here in Thailand today were made feel very special. I was up at 4:30am to cook them the finest meal of their lives and people have been sending me toys from all over the world so I saved them up for today. Most of these dogs have never seen a toy in their lives.”

“Medicines, vet trips and daily nutritious food are much more important but just like humans I think sometimes dogs just need to have a special treat and enjoy themselves. I think it’s a day they’ll never forget,” Niall added.

He further wrote, “The video was made in memory of two wonderful dogs called Kira and Valko who passed recently in Ireland. Their owner wanted to do something special for them and I think they’ll be looking down very proud today.”

“Big love to all people an dogs around the world,” he concluded.

After being shared on Instagram, the video has garnered over 5 million views and tons of love-filled comments.