Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre incident, a Rapido driver reportedly from North East was allegedly abused and threatened by an audio driver in Bengaluru. 

“You come from a different place and do this service… it is a loss to auto drivers,” the man can be heard as he abuses the young Rapido driver. The auto driver also smashes the helmet of the Rapido boy.

The video has triggered police action and Bengaluru police have registered a case after the video went viral on social media.

In the video, one can see the auto-driver smashing the helmet and later trying to slap the Rapido boy. The rider looks so terrified and afraid and looks around in helplessness as the auto driver continues to threaten him.

An eyewitness recorded the video and shared it on Twitter demanding strict action against the auto-driver. Sharing it on Twitter, he wrote, “Strict action should be taken against this auto driver under the law. Is there no such thing in law in Bangalore City?”

Soon after the video went viral, Bengaluru Police said that strict action would be taken in connection with the incident.

“Police in Indiranagar are investigating the incident. Strict and necessary action will be taken,” Bengaluru City Police said in a tweet.

“Look at the fear of the rider, he’s so afraid,” commented one user while another user wrote, “Auto drivers of Bangalore are one of the worst in the country. Absolute law breakers, never go by meter, demand money as they wish. This is my personal experience in Kalsipalya and other localities.”

“Auto drivers are the biggest crooks. They will demand Rs 100 to 200 extra with no logic. They will refuse to put meter. This auto driver should be behind the bars for taking law into his own hands. He’s even destroyed private property of that person riding rapido,” commented another user.

Another user wrote, “Lost count on the number of times, I’ve been harassed by auto drivers. Uncouth, rude thugs. They thrive under umbrella of unionism and act like they are private gatekeepers.”