Cassian Baliarsingh

You must be well aware of Meera, better known as Mirabai, because of her devotion to Lord Krishna, her treating Krishna as her husband and being persecuted by her in-laws for her religious devotion.

Her devotion to Lord Krishna was so much that it is widely acknowledged that Meera dedicated her life to Lord Krishna, composed songs of devotion, and went on to become one of the most important poet-saints of the Bhakti movement period.

Can you imagine such love and devotion for a god in this modern era? Yes, a girl from Rajasthan has proved that she is the modern day Meera by marrying Lord Vishnu.

Meet, 30-year-old Pooja Singh, who has become the topic of discussion on social media due to her unusual marriage. Fed up with societal norms and talks of relatives and family members, the woman from Rajasthan has married Lord Vishnu.

The unusual marriage ceremony has been grabbing eyeballs as there was no groom at the wedding. The event witnessed all the usual rituals from puja to pheras but there was no dulha. The unique marriage took place in a village near Govindgarh under Jaipur in Rajasthan.

Pooja married Lord Vishnu in a temple in the presence of her friends and close relatives. Now, pictures and videos of the unique marriage have been going viral on social media platforms.

When asked about the reason behind this unique marriage, Pooja said, she had decided to never get married as she had grown up seeing her parents fight constantly in their marriage. However, as she grew up, she was taunted by relatives and neighbours for marriage. 

Fed up with people’s taunts, she decided to get married to Thakurji sitting in the temple. Being a big devotee of Lord Vishnu, she had no qualms about marrying Thakurji. This was the only way to make people stop talking about her marriage.

Pooja is a big devotee of lord Vishnu and has accepted him as her husband. Now, she is not worried or bothered about society’s taunts anymore. Many people in society have even supported and joined Pooja in her happiness.