Poonam Singh

Weddings are incomplete without pranks by friends and siblings of the brides and the grooms. You must have come across such videos on social media in which friends of brides or grooms create trouble for their friend’s partner.

However, sometimes these fun pranks turn into disasters ruining the entire environment of the wedding. One such video is currently going viral on the internet.

In the said video, friends of the groom can be seen teasing the bride on the wedding stage; however, the groom's reaction to it has left the internet shocked.

In the viral video, the bride and the groom are seen sitting on the stage when a boy comes from backside and starts pulling the bride’s cheek. The bride can be seen utterly displeased with the youth’s act. 

Later, when the groom sees this, he drags the youth to the front and slaps him for teasing his bride.

The video was shared by an Instagram account called ashiq.billota has got 45K views, till the filling of this copy.

Netizens, after watching the video, were impressed by the groom while some believed the groom is possessive.

One user said, "Lol he deserved it." Another wrote, "He shouldn't raise hands, should warn first." A third user opined, "Looks scripted to me."