Vikash Sharma

Many times, you may have come across several youths performing dangerous stunts with high-end motorbikes on busy streets. Such stunts are not only dangerous, but also pose serious risks to the rider as well as other commuters.

Many youngsters perform such stunts with bikes on the road to make videos and post them on various social media platforms.

Meanwhile, the decision of an inspector of Uttar Pradesh Police to compound the vehicle of one such Blogger/YouTuber has elicited mixed response on social media. The motorcycle of a Blogger/YouTuber was impounded in Gautampalli area yesterday after he was seen performing stunts for Instagram reels, reported ANI.

In the video, Gautampalli Inspector Sudhir Kumar can be heard saying the youth, “Your parents may not be worried for you but we Police personnel are. We want you to be safe. So, this vehicle will be seized..."

Reacting to the incident, a Twitter user said, “Yes, Inspector Sir is absolutely right as parents have no idea what their son is doing on roads until it becomes the news article of front page. So the fact is that the policeman on duty saved a life by impounding his vehicle. I feel parents must thank him for this.”

Another user wrote, “The intention of Police is appreciated. Great concern ! But, don't penalise him with huge monetary cost. That cost sometime is not more appropriately put in use for such good causes.”