Cassian Baliarsingh

The growing incidents of unruly behaviour of passengers on flights have become a matter of serious concern. Of late, there have been several instances of passengers fighting, abusing and even peeing inside airlines. 

Lack of action against such passengers has further added to the rise in such behaviour. However, a pilot from Australia decided to teach a passenger a lesson after he became abusive inside the flight.

In a video that is now going viral, the pilot can be seen physically throwing away the passenger after he refused to cooperate.

The incident has been reported from Townsville-Sydney flight when the airlines was stationed at Townsville Airport, Sky News reported.

The video was shared on Twitter by FlightMode who wrote, “An unruly passenger was kicked out from the aircraft by Virgin Australia’s pilot on flight between Townsville to Sydney.”

In the video, a man can be seen wearing a hat and yellow crocs arguing with an airline crew member. The pilot then intervenes and says, ‘You’re off mate.’ Soon, the passengers grab the pilot by his shirt and breaks out into a physical fight.

The pilot then warns to get the cops and asks the passenger to ‘let go' his shirt. Later, the passenger is thrown out of the aircraft even as he keeps yelling.

While no exact reason behind him being thrown out was known immediately, reports said he was removed owing to his disruptive behaviour. Besides, the passenger was also banned from flying until further orders.

Meanwhile, a Mumbai businessman Shankar Mishra, who allegedly urinated on an elderly woman on an Air India flight was arrested by Delhi police from Bengaluru.