Cassian Baliarsingh

Apart from being known for innovations and entrepreneurship, Bengaluru has a very bad name for traffic congestion. Anyone who has ever visited the IT hub will understand the traffic woes that Bengalureans have to go through on a daily basis.

The traffic is so worse that a bride had to take a metro to reach her own wedding on time. Yes, you read that right! Well, it can only happen in Bengaluru.

The video of the bride taking the metro is now going viral on Twitter. With over 9K views and counting, the video was shared by a Twitter page called Forever Bengaluru.

In the 30-second clip, we can see a bride dressed up in a beautiful grey and maroon saree. She is all decked up in heavy jewellery all set to take vows with her husband. However, in the fear of not reaching the wedding venue on time, the bride and her family chose to take the metro to avoid traffic.

As per reports, the bride and her family had already started their journey in a car. However, they were stuck in a jam. With no other option, they opted for a metro to reach the venue before the ‘mahurat’ time.

Sharing the video, Forever Bengaluru wrote, “Whatte STAR!! Stuck in Heavy Traffic, Smart Bengaluru Bride ditches her Car, & takes Metro to reach Wedding Hall just before her marriage muhoortha time!! @peakbengaluru moment.”

The video has amassed a plethora of comments with social media users praising the bride for not shying away from taking the metro.

“Lucky groom! You were not asked to carry her to the venue!” commented a user while another user wrote, “Thanks to Metro. What if Metro wasn’t there?”

A third user commented, “She will live a happy life… This smart thinking will ensure it.”

“Bengaluru is such a way forward,” commented another user.